Samsung SMT-i5220 Call Forward Options

Call Forward Types

There are several types of call forward that can be programmed

  • All (All calls)
  • Busy (When your extension is in use)
  • No Answer (calls not picked up after a set number of rings)
  • Busy/No Answer (as above)
  • DND (When DND – Do Not Disturb – is activated)
  • Follow Me (If you will be at different extension for some time)

Accessing Call Forward Options

There are several ways to access Call Forward Options:

  1. Press the Menu button, scroll to Settings, press the OK button. Scroll to Call Forward, press the OK button. Scroll to desired forward type, dial desired extension number, press Save to store changes.
  1. Press Transfer then dial 102, Press Volume +/- to select the forward type then dial the extension number, Press Transfer to store.
  1. Set forward using the dial buttons:
    1. AllDial 601 plus the extension number
    2. Busy – Dial 602 plus the extension number
    3. No Answer – Dial 603 plus the extension number
    4. Busy/No Answer – Dial 604 plus the extension number
    5. DND- Dial 605 plus the extension number
    6. Follow Me – Dial 606 plus the extension number

Cancel All Call Forward Types

To clear all call forward options activated on your extension, dial 600

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