To Transfer a call to another extension:


 Press          Hold to put the call on hold


Dial            Extension Number or press One Touch Key,


                    Announce call   


  Press          Transfer   OR   Advise of line number


                     Hang up. Call is transferred.




To transfer calls from a cordless phone:


  While speaking on an outside line:


  Press          Recall button (which puts the call on hold),


  Dial            Extension number,


                   Announce the call and hang up. 


To transfer a call to a person’s voice mail:


  While speaking to the outside line,

Press          Hold

Dial            Person’s extension number

Press          8

Press          Transfer

   Hang Up


 Transfer an incoming line to another outside line  


                                              While talking to the incoming call

Press          Hold key

Select an outside line

Dial            Phone number

Announce you will be transferring call

Transfer key                                    

Hang Up