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Plexus Communications provide a selection of How To's and Tutorials to assist you in self managing your Telephone System. These are provided in text form, pdf ducuments and also in some cases as a Youtube Video.

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NEC Tutorials

General (Most Models)

Change Extension Keys on an NEC Handset Text
Change the ringing volume on an NEC Handset Text

Change System Time - DK616, DK824, NDK9000, Xen Alpha, Xen Axis, Xen Master& IPK Phone Systems

Change System Time - Xen Topaz Text


NEC SV8100

SV8100 - Change System Time Text
SV8100 - Call Forwarding on DT Series Handsets Text
SV8100 - Listen to On Hold Music Through Your Handset or Headset Text
SV8100 - Program speed dials Text
SV8100 - Change ring tone Text
SV8100 - Transferring calls to another extension Text
SV8100 - Setting your handset on Do Not Disturb (DND) and cancelling DND Text
SV8100 - Checking your voicemail when out of the office Text
SV8100 - Changing the name on your handset display Text

NEC SL1100

Voice mailbox set up greeting & name Text
Voice mailbox set up security code Text
Forward calls to your voice mailbox Text
Cancel forwarding calls to your voice mailbox Text
Check your voice mailbox Text
Transfer calls to another extension's voice mailbox Text
(12 & 24 button handset) - Establish a conference call Text
(12 & 24 button handset) - Place a call on hold Text
(12 & 24 button handset) -  Transfer a call Text
(12 & 24 button handset) - Adjusting the volume Text
(12 & 24 button handset) - Programming personal speed dial Text
(12 & 24 button handset) - Call pick up Text
(12 & 24 button handset) - Forward calls to another extension Text
(12 & 24 button handset) - Cancel forwaring calls to another extension Text
(12 & 24 button handset) - Set & cancel Do Not Disturb (DND) Text
(12 & 24 button handset) - Listen to background music Text
(12 & 24 button handset) - Change ring tone Text


 NEC SV9100

How to make calls handsfree Text
How to transfer calls Text
How to page Text

How to conference call

How to set up station name assignment Text
How to use call fowarding Text
How to set up do not disturb Text
How to change the time Text
How to set up room monitor function Text
How to use directory dialing Text
How to use speed dialing Text
How to program one touch buttons Text
How to setup your NEC Mobile Softphone Text


Samsung Tutorials

General (Most Models)

Add additional programmable keys Text  
Answer another extension or group remotely Text  
Interrupt or automatically callback a busy extension Text  
Systems Tones explained Text  
Using the Paging function Text  
Change handset Ring Tone Text  
Change system Date and Time Text  YouTube Video
Using the Conference Call function Text  
Using the DND (Do Not Disturb) function Text  
Extension Security and Passcodes Text  
Install or Remove a headset Text YouTube Video
Listening to On Hold Music through your handset or headset Text  
Using the Alarm and Reminder function Text  
Set or change an extensions name Text  YouTube Video
Speed Dial function explained Text  
Voicemail - how to check your voicemail messages when out of the office Text  
Voicemail Menus and Functions explained Text  
Record outgoing Voicemail message   YouTube Video
Change your Voicemail passcode   YouTube Video
Waiting for an outside line Text  
Handset Volume Controls Text  
Unlock locked or frozen (continually engaged) outside lines    YouTube Video
Set or cancel call diversion on a system using PSTN lines   YouTube Video
 Set call forward to another extension ot external number  Text  


Samsung OfficeServ 7030/ 7100/ 7200/ 7400

 How to change your personal voicemail greeting Text


Samsung iDCS

iDCS Handset Layout details                               Text


Samsung SMT-i5220

Handset Setup guide Text
Basic On-screen menus explained Text
Using the Call Forward function Text
Call handy hints and shortcuts Text
Using the Conference Call funtion Text
Handset layout and functions Text
Using the Login function Text
Using the text input function Text
TSI (Telephone Status Indicator) and LCD Icons explained Text


Panasonic Tutorials

Panasonic NS700

Personal speed dial Text
Call transfer Text
Set up do not disturb Text
Multible party conversations Text
Call forwarding Text
How to change time and date on Panasonic KX-T7625, KX-T7630, KX-T7633 & KX-T7636 handsets Text


 Hosted PBX Tuturials

How to record and manage holiday messages Text


Additional Tutorials

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