To Store Abbreviated Dialling number:

Press          Speaker key.

Dial            753

Dial            Speed Dial Code - System 001 to 999

Dial            Telephone Number you want to store (no leading 0 required).

Press          HOLD.

Enter          Name of the company or person using the keypad. 

                        (## for space, # to move cursor if two digits on same key)                                                 

Press          HOLD.

Press          Speaker to hang up.



To Dial Abbreviated number:

Press          DIR soft key menu button,

Press          SYS soft button,

Enter          First letter of their name,

Press          Arrow keys to scroll,

Lift             Handset to dial                          




If you know the code you wish to dial:

Press          Redial

Dial            Code (eg:001-899),

Lift              Handset or Press Speaker



Access Speed Dials from Cordless

Press          Talk/On Button

Press          #2

Dial            Speed dial code



Check Abbreviated Dialling numbers:

Press          Help

Press          Redial key

Dial            Abbreviated Dialling Code and check number


Press    Exit when finished