As of mid-June 2014 the National Broadband Network (NBN) will begin its official roll out across NSW, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania. The traditional copper network is being shut down and replaced with fibre cabling for all telephone and internet services. Not only does this affect the home owner in the way the services are being delivered, it also has a roll on affect for the business owner who operates a traditional PABX or Telephone System.

With the decommissioning of the copper network business will be required to find an alternate to the way their telephone services are delivered to their business, with options like ISDN and VOIP really their only choice.

For some time there has been talk about the NBN roll out with many not taking this as seriously as they should. Letters from Telstra have been sent out to customers advising of the time frame for the switch over and many have either ignored or simply forgotten about this. Well it is now time to stand up and take notice as this is happening now. How shocked would you be arriving at your office to find your telephone services no longer working as they have been transferred over the NBN and you did nothing? The potential loss to your business could be devastating.

Plexus Communications offer a range of services to assist in determining the best course of action.

  • Free analyses your communication needs
  • Determine if you can use your existing equipment
  • Provide varying solutions to cater for the NBN
  • Supply, install and maintain an NBN ready telephone system
  • Offer a range of NBN plans through a number of carriers

So if you’re ready to kick a goal with NBN and be part of the winning team, give Plexus Communications a call now on 1300 302 276 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NBN?

The NBN is Australia's first national wholesale-only, open access communications network that is being built to bring high speed broadband and telephone services within the reach of all Australian premises. The NBN will utilise the most appropriate technology for a given location with the aim of improving ways for you to connect with one another. The plan is for every home, school and workplace in the country to have access to the NBN.

How will the NBN be connected to my premises?

A small hole will be drilled through your external wall to connect the NBN fibre optic cable from the external NBN utility box to the internal NBN equipment that can be installed on a wall inside your premises.


Image source: NBN Co



Image source: NBN Co

You can plug your phone, cordless phone base station or Wifi/Ethernet router in to the NBN connection box located inside your premises. 

How will the change to NBN affect my business?

Businesses operating on traditional copper lines will be required to find an alternative to the way their services are delivered. PSTN lines will eventually be phased out over the next 12-18 months with ISDN2 and ISDN10/20/30 also seeing an end of life date within the next 3-4 years. 

Why is the NBN happening?

The NBN promises fast, affordable, reliable broadband and internet Australia wide, no matter where you are. It will cut down barriers for those living in remote areas who are behind in the technology stakes due to their location.

Building a sustainable network that can scale with the needs of the country is important if we want to be able to compete globally. The NBN doesn’t just represent faster internet for the home owner,

It means faster more flexible costs for both new and existing businesses.

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