What is a Hosted VoIP Phone System?

Hosted VoIP phone system is a phone solution that has its voice delivered on the Internet (Voice over Internet Protocol) instead of the traditional copper line (ISDN or PSTN).

Why should I choose Hosted VoIP Phone System?

The Hosted VoIP system gets rid of the physical connection between the service provider and the customer. So the user is not bounded by the geological location and the outage of the service. Because the system is hosted on the Internet, moving phone systems can be as easy as plug in and play in the new office. The outage will also not affect the system because calls can easily be diverted to a mobile or another number.

How do I get VoIP Phone Systems?

Follow 3 simple steps to set up the best Hosted VoIP Phone System for your business:

Hosted VoIP Steps 01 Hosted VoIP Steps 02 Hosted VoIP Steps 03


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