Samsung –Handsets - Adding Additional Programmable Keys

This document provides details relating to Samsung iDCS model handsets, similar devices are available for other Samsung models. Please contact Plexus for details.

If you require additional programmable buttons on your handset, devices known as Add On Modules (AOMs) are available to provide an additional 14 or 64 buttons

idcs AOMs


Installing an Add On Module (AOM)

  1. Place the handset face down on a flat surface
  2. Remove the base stand by placing your thumbs over the attachment clips and simultaneously press down and outward on the handset body with your fingertips
  3. Remove the ribbon cable knockout from the base of the handset (see image below)
  4. Clip the AOM to the side of handset
  5. Plug one end of the ribbon cable provided with the AOM into the handset and the other end into the AOM.
  6. Place the support bracket provided with the AOM over the ribbon cable and secure with the six provided screws.
  7. Reattach the handset base stand.



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