Samsung – Change System Date and Time

At the start and end of Daylight Savings, you will need to manually adjust the time on your Samsung Telephone System

  1. With the handset in place, press the Transfer Button
  1. Dial 200
  1. Enter password of 1234
  1. The screen will display Disable, Press the Volume + button once so this changes to Enable
  1. Press the Speaker Button
  1. Dial 505
  1. The display will show the current date and time in the format WMMDDYY:HHMM where:
    1. W = Day of the week. 1=Monday, 2=Tuesday etc
    2. MM = Month. 03=March, 04=April etc
    3. DD = Date
    4. YY = Year
    5. HH = Hour (24-hour format)
    6. MM = Minute
  1. Enter(dial) the new date and time using the same format shown above
    1. EG: to set the date and time to 7pm Friday 12th January 2005 you would dial 50112051900

Note: This change will affect all handsets connected to the Samsung Telephone System.

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