Samsung – Installing a Headset

Caution: Please take care when using the following procedure.

Failure to select the correct setting or value could seriously impact the telephone system.

Note: If you are replacing an existing headset, this procedure will probably not be required. Please test headset function before proceeding.

To answer or end incoming calls when in Headset mode press the ANS/REL key. Note that the speaker does not operate in Headset mode.

Display Phone

  1. Complete this procedure on the handset where the headset will be used. Repeat procedure on all handsets requiring a headset.
  2. Press the Transfer button.
  3. Dial 110
  4. Press the Volume + button repeatedly until the display reads “Headset Use Off”.
  5. Locate the 3 soft keys (unlabelled buttons just below the display screen).
  6. Press the soft key on the far right, the cursor will move to below the word Off
  7. Press the Volume + button once, Off will change to On.
  8. Press the Transfer button to save changes and exit programming.
  9. Install the headset hardware as per manufacturers instructions.

Non Display Phone

    1. Press the Transfer button.
  1. Dial 110.
    • Dial 21 to turn Headset Mode ON.
    • Dial 20 to turn Headset Mode OFF.
  1. Press Transfer button to save changes and exit programming.
  2. Install the headset hardware as per manufacturers instructions.

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