Snom 760 VOIP handset




For network connectivity, the Snom 760 comes with two Gigabit Ethernet  ports, one of them suitable for Power over Ethernet. The Ethernet ports are connected to an internal switch that is capable of VLAN tagging, so that an external PC can reside in a different VLAN than the phone.
The two USB type A connectors can be used to expand the functionality of the Snom 760. An optional USB stick can be used to connect the phone over Wireless LAN or enable Bluetooth headsets.


Like all snom desktop phones, the Snom 760 comes with software that has been used in many installations over the last decade. Configuration can be done manually through the built-in web server or through automatic provisioning. There are extensive management and reporting tools available, such as RTCP-XR or PCAP. Customization can be done in various ways, such as the Snom mini-browser protocol.
The phones come with a preinstalled certificate signed by a certificate authority which makes it possible to securely provision the phone without manual interaction. In addition to the traditional provisioning mechanisms, it comes with TR 069 for easy deployment in carrier environments.

Display and keys

The 3.5 inches backlit colour display can be used to display rich information, such as presence information, photo caller-ID or video surveillance images. Keys next to the display can be used to switch easily between multiple calls and are free programmable for other functions.

Two rows of general-purpose keys with 12 two-colour LEDs can be used to implement functions known from traditional PBX systems. Examples include speed dial, busy lamp field (BLF), shared line appearances (SLA), redirection, door opening, and many more features depending on the PBX system used.


The new audio subsystem was designed for excellent performance in office environments. It supports a large range of codecs, wideband audio, handset and hands-free operation according to TIA-920 standard. The specially designed grips which hold and release the receiver compliment overall user-friendliness by eliminating the noise normally associated with lifting and replacing the receiver.

The new foot stand allows two positions for the device (33° and 55° angle). It can be set up and changed easily without tools. The Snom 760 comes in a dark grey colour that fits the typical office dress code and makes usage traces less obvious than lighter colours.


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